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to the west that have been streaming in this morning. some showers near detroit approaching toledo, ohio andean -- ohio and indiana. 50s in the suburbs. ice lighted 40s during the shenandoah valley. a touch of fog up in frederick, quarter mile visibility. warrenton a half mile. leonardtown also a quarter mile visibility. tap hon knack half mile. -- tappahannock half mile. let's go to monika samtani. >>> it started off so beautifully and ended at this point not very nice. if you're planning to head on the beltway, we're talking about a police chase that ended on the outer loop of the beltway just near route 1 in college park. this is what it left for you. let's take a live look right now from our sky 9. oh, it went to black. sorry about that. you want to know it's very, very heavy from new carrollton heading northbound on the beltway toward route 1 where the pace then improves. activity is gone. your lanes are actually open but it just is very, very tough getting by. let's go back over to the other side of town. no problems to report if you're planning to head on the northbound side of i-
in front of me. i went down there to help detroit orphanage, i think, got hurt and i ended up staying. >> has it done as much for you as for them in your own mind? >> probably more. >> here's what interests me a lot about you. when you read 33 million copies, you have a writer who knows something. and has some kind of gift. what do you think it is? >> oh, i don't know. i think i always okay at telling a story and i think i'm curious about trying to find some meaning in life. so from "tuesdays with morrie" to "the five people you meet in heaven," they are all connected. it's about the purpose of why are we here. "the timekeeper" is true of those books. the time with morrie and the time before we go to he had vane. >> what's the answer to that question for you personally? >> spend more time with opinion love. spend more time with your family and less of it working. i write my books to lecture myself more than anybody else. i need to learn the lesson of "the timekeeper" as well. >> what's your best sports story? >> detroit lions managed to get to the super bowl i'll be back here. that wo
brought in new coach jeff fischer, a proven winner, and almost took down detroit last week. they only lost by 4. what more do i need to tell you? guaranteed win? no. >> you can already tell that football team is playing extremely hard, three interceptions by their secondary, one for a touchdown, a lot of new players, but the energy is there. >> you can tell the difference in their ballclub this year. seems like they play a lot harder football. it will be a tough game. >> yes, it will. we're also excited to announce a brand-new show here, game on premiering saturday night at 7:00 after the alabama/arkansas game. we'll be wrapping up the day in college football, sec and local and looking ahead to redskins and ravens sunday. >>> thus far 7,000 of you voted in our high school game of the week poll. we want more. we want more. good batch of games. check them out. go to slash vote. >>> tough news of the world of local soccer, duane d. rosario has an mcl sprain in his knee and will miss the remainder of regular season. >>> this is the final hurdle to the nats claiming
ahead of it. detroit has had some rain. it's pulling out moving toward toronto and buffalo. behind the front is what we'll be dealing with all weekend. drier air moves in. your temperatures mostly in the 70s. looking at the forecast then, this afternoon 83. very nice out there. south winds a little bit humid. tonight we fall into the low 60s d.c. mid-50s north and west. a little breezy saturday, 78. no problems. sunday 78 also. could see a few more clouds sunday in the afternoon ahead of our next weather maker which will bring some rain and showers here by monday afternoon, 76. more rain and showers monday night into tuesday, 78. wednesday a nice cool day, 72. we are going to the kitchen. spike's in the house. 9news now at noon returns in just a moment. >>> today i am one on one with top chef alum and d.c. restaurant spike mendelson. he was on top chef about four years ago. i was asking him about it. it was hard, wasn't it? >> very difficult. very, very stressful cooking competition. >> but you did all right. >> i did pretty g. i'm still here. still cooking. >> we're talking about
into the low #s on around cincinnati, detroit -- low 80s around cincinnati and detroit. our forecast today sunshine, 82 degrees. it's going to be another great afternoon around here. tonight low 50s in the cold spots. low 60s in town. so maybe just a touch warmer than the last couple of mornings. 83 degrees tomorrow, still pleasant. friday 83, perhaps a couple more clouds and maybe a tad more humidity but still pleasant. saturday late could be a shower or storm. looks like we'll be dry sunday at the moment and then late monday and more likely tuesday, that's when we'll see a better chance for some rain returning. 6:18. 61 degrees. let's go to monika with timesaver traffic. >> thank so you much. >>> good morning, everybody. for the most part we just have a lot of slow traffic on our may on-- on our major thoroughfares. look at the orange, yellow, coming in from manassas and centreville. still okay in fairfax. we'll take a live look on the northbound side of i-95 south of the prince william parkway where there had been an issue with a brush fiern. let's take a live -- brushfire. let's take a
out to our west, even down in texas coming up toward kansas and missouri and in toward detroit this morning. we're watching some of those showers. behind the front, got some cooler air trying to move in. that's going more east than south. ahead of the front the warm stuff. the low to mid-80s like what we'll be seeing for this afternoon. a couple of clouds streaming in off the appalachians but as far as the futurecast, looks like a quiet day. could be an isolated shower toward norfolk, virginia beach. tonight we'll watch the front get closer and closer to us. here it is coming in overnight. by tomorrow morning 6:00 a.m. passing d.c. but without much in the way of fanfare. maybe a few showers up in southern new york and well east of us. then tomorrow we return back into the sunshine with high temperatures in the 70s. looks very nice for the weekend. 83 today. pretty nice, right? tonight a stray shower mainly north of town. lows in the low 60s d.c., mid- 50s north and west. tomorrow upper 70s. a little breezy but a sunny day. sunday pleasant, clouds building a little bit more in t
could. it does not have a lot of moisture with it. some showers pushing through chicago on detroit's doorstep. this is the same front that will roll through our area tomorrow night. a couple of showers possible. we'll watch the area of low pressure in texas. that is going to become a big player next week. not so much this weekend. in the meantime, we have clear skies right now. but some clouds are coming in. some high and mid-level clouds out to the west. so we're going to say clear to partly cloudy tonight. still very, very nice. while it's 70 downtown, it's 59 in manassas. 59 in leesburg. and 59 in frederick. so a comfortable night. not quite as chilly as it has been. so still pleasant on friday. still a great day on friday. it really is. cold front will approach late friday afternoon and friday night. shower possible at night for the metro. but they'll be isolated, they'll be light, don't change your plans. we're going to keep the showers away. the boss is playing tomorrow night. and the great weekend in the wake of the frontal boundary, actually i changed nice to great. so a re
by 14%. we asked dean reynolds to look at why detroit is in high gear. >> reporter: five million americans either build or sell cars and trucks. today workers showing up for the mid-day shift at g.m.'s plant in arlington, texas, were smiling. >> that's wonderful. i hope they keep going you. everybody here needs to keep working. >> reporter: sales growth in august exceeded the predicts of industry analysts and led usually cautious company executives, like kurt mcneil of g.m., to crow about their progress. >> when you think about all the jobs that we provide to the u.s. and the supply base, it's incredibly important and it will continue to become more and more important to this great country. >> reporter: a small bump in the construction industry fueled pick-up sales and easier financing helped move s.u.v.s and sudans. industry analysts joe wiesenfelder of cars . com says car makers have recovered from the recession. >> there's no doubt the u.s. industry is in better shape. than it was four years ago. it's really returning more to the way things were before 2008. >> reporter: the u
now. (laughter) >> reporter: vice president biden arrived in detroit armed with this answer. >> you want to know whether we're better off? i've got a little bumper sticker for you. "osama bin laden is dead and general motors is alive!" >> reporter: by some measures, americans are better off today. home prices are up and jobs are being created. however, median income, jim, is down since the president took office and unemployment is higher than when he came to office. it's now 8.3%. >> axelrod: thank you, nancy, bob schieffer is our chief washington correspondent and the anchor of "face the nation." he joins us from the time warner cable arena in charlotte. bob, what do you think we'll hear from the democrats starting tomorrow night? >> you know, jim, in 1996 bob dole, who was a world war ii hero, said that he wanted to be a link to the greatest generation, the people of that era and return america to their values. bill clinton came along and said "well, that's really nice but what i want to do is be a bridge to the future." that's what you're going to hear a lot of at this convention
. >>> a truck carrying equipment for the vice-president's labor day visit to detroit has been found. now police are trying to find the person responsible. the u-haul rented by the secret service was stolen sunday morning outside a hotel. it was found today about three miles away and some of the contents were at an abandoned house. police are trying to identify the man captured on camera in connection with the u-haul heist. >>> actor russell crowe has played plenty of action heroes on screen. this weekend he needed a real life hero of his own. he apparently got lost while kayaking with a friend off long island. personnel out on a routine patrol heard their cries for help. they hitched a ride. crowe tweeted later he was never lost but just ran out of daylight while kayaking. >>> stick around until after the break and meet some of the most amazing young women around. the best part? they're our neighbor. >>> and most of us buy organic because we think it's healthier, but is it really true? new research is out on what you should know about it >> so are we wasting our money when we buy organic food?
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detroit teachers walked off their jobs for 16 days in 2006. >>> despite the rising price a the gas pump recently, experts say we could see a drop in those prices soon. the damage from hurricane isaac is not believed to are serious which will allow gulf coast refineries to get back to work quickly. the end of the summer blend of gasoline could bring prices down 20 cents a gallon just over the next month. here in d.c. we're paying about $3.98 a gallon. last year we were only paying $3.77 at this time. >>> today is expected to be humid with a chance for some storms. howard is back in two minutes to let us know how bad things could be, especially during the morning commute. >> appealing to the fairer sex has improved the sales of one danish toy company. >>> new speed cameras around the district are alive and active. that's coming up at 4:49. >> we're back with your weather first in to minutes. stay with us -- to minutes. stay with -- two minutes. stay with us. >>> 4:39 on this tuesday morning. not bad out there. a little muggy but the rains have pulled into pennsylvania for the most part. a
coast, detroit, chicago atlanta and charlotte 82. this is some great weather. our next chance of rain will be probably saturday night into sunday. today looks great. 78 tonight, tonight we are going to be down in the 50s. tomorrow beautiful 7, as we head toward wednesday, 84 degrees, seasonably warm here to finish out the work week with mid-80s thursday and friday. look at the temperatures climbing low to mid-60s. probably did saturday night except the rain off. >>> we have stuff to talk about now monika? >> reporter: we do. you see this little triangle right here, it is an accident on the inbound side of i 66 after route 50 sitting on the shoulder. big story of the morning though, a 7 vehicle pile up southbound on the bw parkway right here after route 410. you are going to go about 5 miles per hour. let's take a live look from our sky 9. look at the traffic squeezing by on the right shoulder. police and flares upright now so watch out from this delay. past router 410 before you get by the accident and the crews, back over to the maps. this time northbound 95, a bit of slow stuff here
on the line last night in detroit. the tigers trying to claw their way into a tie with the white sox. game tied at 1 in the sixth. a three-run homer to make it 4-1 tigers. justin verlander strikes out 11. the tigers win this thing, 4-2. >>> the braves trying to avoid a sweep. philly trailing. 40-year-old chipper jones delivers a walk-off three-run shot to right that caps a five-run ninth inning rally. the braves win it. >>> a teenager goes deep deep for the rangers. he homers in this first major league at-bat. the hotshot prospect is just the third teenager to accomplish that feat in major league history. the rangers top the indians 8-3. >>> a farewell tour isn't over. roddick entered the stadium to huge applause. last week roddick said he would retire once he's eliminated from the tournament. hits a shot between his legs but roddick returns it for the winner. roddick wins the match in four sets. he will face 2009 champion in the fourth round. >>> it was a hole to forget. the 2011 masters champ, charles schwartzel. he rims out. then he tries again. misses again. schwartzel tries left-hande
. look at all the rain down in texas, up into kansas, missouri, stretching now over toward detroit. went through chicago. kept them a lot cooler here. behind the front, we've got the cool weather. ahead of it the warm weather where we are today. even though the front is going to come through and will cool us down a little bit over the weekend, it's not going to cool us down a lot as much as the areas well to the north of us, like up near the canadian border. here's our futurecast. nice and sunny. a mix of clouds and sunshine today. maybe a shower down toward norfolk. we get toward this evening, going toward pittsburgh for the weekend, you may run into some showers here by dinner time there. we should be dry. now tonight, that front is going to come across but just not a lot of moisture to work with. other than a stray shower, we'll see the front crossing the region by early tomorrow morning. it will be well south and east of us by dinner time on saturday. look at this. partly to mostly sunny again. as we get into sunday, we should be all right in the morning. but a few clouds are going t
over the debt ceiling. >>> good news out of detroit, auto sales kicked into overdrive. demand for pickups -- the strongest month for auto sales in three years. as dean reynolds reports, businesses are more confident the economy is recovering. >> 5 million americans either build or sell cars and trucks and workers showing up for the midday shift at gm's plant in arlington, texas, were smiling. >> that's wonderful. i hope they keep going up. everybody here needs to keep working. >> sales growth in august exceeded predictions and led usually kaushts company executives like kurt mcneill of gm to crow about their progress. >> when you think about all the jobs that we provide to the u.s. and the supply base, it's incredibly important and it will continue to become more and more important to this great country. >> a small bump in the construction industry fueled pickup sales and it helped move suvs and sedans. says car makers have recovered from the recession. >> there's no doubt the u.s. industry is in better shape. the entire auto industry is in better shape than four year
our shipping costs. dallas. detroit. different rates. well with us, it's the same flat rate. same flat rate. boston. boise? same flat rate. alabama. alaska? with priority mail flat rate boxes from the postal service. if it fits, it ships anywhere in the country for a low flat rate. dude's good. dude's real good. dudes. priority mail flat rate boxes. starting at just $5.15. only from the postal service. now in charlotte with cbs news political director john dickerson, dan balz of the "washington post." michael eric dyson, professor of sociology at georgetown, and trish regan, bloomberg television anchor and host of "street smart." tricia, i want to start with you, because i continue to believe this election is going to be about the economy. what are we going to see from the economy between now and election day? >> well, it's not looking good, bob. i mean, you look at the jobs report. the jobs reports have been coming out, none of them have been very good, and the expectation is between now and november, we're going to see more of the same. next friday, we'll get a critical jobs report.
is the prices went up most in places distance from the storm like chicago and detroit. that had little to do with the hurricane but a lot to do the hardware up that way, which has been finicky all summer long. >> what do you think in terms of seeing some relief? >> oh, i think you'll see relief. i don't know if ten days prices will be lower. but i think 100 days from now prices will be considerably lower. we bombed out at $3.25 the end of the year. i think there's a good chance we'll get to that. these are really, really big profits for refiners right now. they tend to overproduce when that happens. >> tom cloez al, thank you. >>> the attorney for the navy seal who wrote a controversial book about the killing of osama bin laden is firing back against the defense department. he says author, mark owen, which is a pseudonym, earned the right to tell his story. the defense department says owen violated two nondisclosure"no e was supposed to be released on september len: but it will come out next week. he told scott pelley he has no hidden agenda. >> there has been criticism that the book is time
of the booming dale and detroit neighborhoods in northwest. short-term fixes include additional storm drains and rain barrels to collect run offs from roofs. district officials say they plan to begin construction on a long-term solution within the next 45 days. >>> it is time for the latest your money report. >> and jessica doyle is here with today's headlines. >> good morning. so much for the jobs report friday. a lot of people are playing the bets on the federal reserve this week. analysts question how another bond buying program will try to keep interest rates low. checking the numbers from wall street. the dow stands this morning at a five year high after adding 14 points on friday. nasdaq pretty flat on the day but a good day for the s & p 500. >>> bankruptcy creditors expect the parent company of american airlines to decide by year end when to merge with another airline or remain an independent company. >>> people love this free haircuts for kids program so much last month jppenny will be making the offer permanent. starting november 4th, parents can get a free haircut for kids every s
detroit was in trouble, president obama saved the auto industry and saved a million jobs. (cheers and applause) seven presidents before him, republicans and democrats tried to expand health care to all americans. president obama got it done. (cheers and applause) he made a historic investment to lift our nation's public schools and expanded pell grants so that more young people can afford college. and because he knows that we don't have an ounce of talent to waste, the president took action to lift the shadow of demoretation from a generation of young, law-abiding immigrants called dreamers. (cheers and applause) now it's time for congress to enshrine in law their right to pursue their dreams in the only place they've ever called home, america. four years ago, america stood on the brink of a depression. despite incredible odds, and united republican opposition, our president took action. and now we've seen 4.5 million new jobs. he knows better than anyone that there's more hard work to do. but we're making progress and now we need to make a choice. it it's a choice between a count
workers in detroit and toledo who feared they'd never build another american car. ( cheers and applause ). and today they can't build them fast enough because we reinvented a dying auto industry that's back on top of the world. ( cheers and applause ) i've worked with business leaders who are bringing jobs back to america, not because our workers make less pay but because we make better products. ( cheers and applause ) because we work harder and smarter than anyone else. i've signed trade agreements that are helping our companies sell more goods to millions of new customers, goods that are stamped with three proud words "made in america." ( cheers and applause ) >> u.s.a.! u.s.a.! u.s.a.! >> and after a decade of decline, this country created over half a million manufacturing jobs in the last two and a half years. and now you have a choice. we can get more tax breaks to corporations that ship jobs overseas, or we can start rewarding companies that open new plant and train new workers and create new jobs here in the united states of america. ( cheers and applause ) we can help big facto
moth weekend every week in new york, in detroit, l.a., chicago. >> reporter: at the moth, even celebrities get a chance to bear their souls like molly ring walled. >> not only that, but i was actually bullied in my own life in 7th grade i had this bully, this 8th grader named shirley panini. >> reporter: and nathan lane. i came from a very dysfunctional irish-catholic family. my father was an alcoholic who drank himself to death when i was 11. >> reporter: but some of the most gripping tales come from regular joes or eds. >> as i turned off of bleaker street to walk down the block that night i picked the right-hand side of the street and i walked into their ambush. >> reporter: ed's tale is a classic urban horror story. >> and about 15 minutes later, i was being wheeled into the emergency trauma room at saint vincent's with multiple stab wounds from three different knives. one of them had a ten many inch blade. >> reporter: notice the way heart break and humor are artfully combined. >> in fact, everybody was so sure that there was no way i could live that they gave my case to t
Search Results 0 to 23 of about 24 (some duplicates have been removed)